A Beginner’s Guide to KAKA NFT World

About the Troland

Troland is a game developed by combining many top-class IPs and NFT cards, and possesses a huge number of potential gamers. While straightforward battle rules enable beginners to master it easily, Troland also has transparent and fair battle game systems. Moreover, the deflation model of card economics, repurchase mechanism, and DeFi modules including game mining, are all guarantees for gamers’ equity and rights.

Introduction on Troland Cards

In the game settings of Troland, there are 110 types of cards in total. Each type corresponds to a character in Troland with its own unique story and skills. Cards have levels from 1 to 10, and a higher level comes with higher rarity. KAKA Troland card game relies on blockchain technology to accomplish its non-inflation and rarity control. Each single card is bonded to a blockchain based crypto token (ERC-1155) which identifies card type and quantity of each holder. Therefore, counterfeiting and fraud behaviors are prevented. The total supply of game cards is 512,611,000, a portion of which will be burned in the process of online game battles matches, thus the circulating quantity will decrease gradually.

  • ERC-1155: both fungible and non-fungible, it allows semi-fungible tokens, e.g. fungible tokens can be “converted” into non-fungible tokens, vice versa. A single smart contract may contain countless types of tokens.

Battles in Troland

When entering a game, players select 5 cards from his or her warehouse. Except that only one card of level 8,9 or 10 can be used in a match, other cards have no limit. Players come into the game interface and the system matches a battle. Then, a first taker is chosen randomly and places one card into the 3x3 Arena. There are four core numbers on the left top of each card which are compared to other numbers of adjacent counterpart cards. Players compete by comparing core numbers, which determines if one could flip the component’s card.

Play-to-Earn Mining Game Troland

In Troland, gaming is mining. According to the rules, the defeated party not only gives up two cards to the winner but also deprived two cards to burn by the system, and these two cards burned are converted into platform rewards points to be awarded to both players as battle bonus. Battle mining bonus is calculated based on the official repurchase prices of these two burned cards which is then converted into platform rewards points.


Troland is an easy-to-begin game and is friendly to players of all ages. No barriers though, there exists potential complicated tactics under the surface of simple rules. In the game world, profitability and tacticity can facilitate the formation of community and guilds, and developed gaming-profit mode will emerge eventually.

Global Branding IP Aggregating Platform

KAKA Metaverse is an aggregator of IPs. KAKA possesses approvals from many famous IP, involving in fields such as cartoon and games. It is planned to integrate approved IP to construct a metaverse and establish a sustainable system which in turn maximizes the value of Troland.

IP Series Card Details

KAKA IP NFTs except Troland card packs are minted based on ERC-721 protocol. All ERC-721 based cards are required to be decomposed before participating in battles. Detailed rules will be released when the game is launched online.

IP Series Features Comparison

KAKA NFT WORLD Special Play Guides

I. KAKA Metaverse Key

Metaverse key holders are regarded as KAKA members. There are 500 metaverse keys in total that are minted on ERC-721 protocol. Metaverse keys can bring multiple types of benefits as following and later on can be converted to the upgraded metaverse key:

II. Re-openable Mystery Boxes

KAKA Chan NFT is the first mystery box supporting the reopen function. Mystery reopen function breaks conventional rules in industry as an innovation. Reopening enables the potential of mystery boxes’ value increase and brings more fun play modes.

III. FOMO Prize Pool

KAKA prize pool along with mystery box reopen channels both facilitate NFT value growth.

Value in Future

For the users joining the KAKA NFT WORLD ecosystem, KAKA brings more values beyond their imagination. Concentrating on user experience and focusing on product designs, what features does KAKA possess to attract users? What value will KAKA bring to us in the future? Are the above questions all answered? In this module, we make a complete summary.

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