A Beginner’s Guide to KAKA NFT World

About the Troland

Introduction on Troland Cards

  • ERC-721: non-fungible token, and requires a new smart contract for each new token (e.g. mint a CryptoKitties token and mint another CryptoCuties token)
  • ERC-1155: both fungible and non-fungible, it allows semi-fungible tokens, e.g. fungible tokens can be “converted” into non-fungible tokens, vice versa. A single smart contract may contain countless types of tokens.

Battles in Troland

Play-to-Earn Mining Game Troland


Global Branding IP Aggregating Platform

IP Series Card Details

IP Series Features Comparison

KAKA NFT WORLD Special Play Guides

I. KAKA Metaverse Key

II. Re-openable Mystery Boxes

III. FOMO Prize Pool

Value in Future



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KAKA Metaverse

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