As KAKA revealed her roadmap in early July, KAKA officially announced her cooperation with Conflux, Burning Boy(B.boy) and Moonswap by first introducing a collection of IP Burning Boy Hero NFT in terms of mystery boxes. These NFT mystery boxes will be sold in the decentralized trading protocol Moonswap with Conflux as the mainnet. The collaboration of KAKA, Conflux and Moonswap is to bring more pleasure and value to KAKA’s platform and at the same time, to promote the development of NFT.

Event Details:

  1. Mystery box of the current release is the Conflux mascot B.boy Hero series. Once unlocked, you will get one of the 11 B.boy hero series characters as shown in Table 1 below.
  2. The issue price of each mystery box is at a value of 86 USDT. Now it only supports payment with cMOON, CFX and cUSDT. The total issued quantity is 2,521 boxes. The quantity is limited and until it is sold out.
  3. Release time: 12:00pm UTC July 22, 2021 to 12:00pm UTC July 25, 2021.
  4. The mystery box of the B.boy hero Series and the NFT cards of the B.boy hero Series from the mystery box are both deployed on the ERC-721 , which can be traded and available for repurchase program with 20% off issue price through KAKA official website.
  5. KAKA NFT Card is cast based on limited-edition entity cards licensed by the copyright holder.
Table 1. 11 B.boy hero series characters

About Conflux

Conflux, as the global 3rd generation public blockchain around the world, was originally borned from Tsinghua University and University of Toronto. It is a 1st layer consensus blockchain network for decentralized application that has demand of high speed without sacrificing decentralization, which enables the flow of security and interoperability between assets and data.

About B.Boy

This time, KAKA combined IP B.Boy Hero with KAKA NFT Cards in a form of mystery boxes collection. The main character in this mystery box is called Buring Boy Hero, which is the mascot of Conflux network. The figure of B.Boy Hero is traced back to the original Burning Boy dedicated with fashion elements to make up a fashion and popular NFT to the marketplace, through both online and offline stores. By brand built-up, KAKA aims to bring the Burning Boy character further to the Internet and every scenery in daily life; therefore more and more people know B.Boy Hero and even the blockchain field of Conflux network.

About MoonSwap

MoonSwap is the next-generation decentralized trading protocol, which uses Conflux as the Ethereum Layer 2 solution and provides users with no gas cost and a high-speed new AMM transaction experience. So far, MoonSwap has completed the asset migration from Ethereum to Conflux.

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a DEFI project of the world’s top NFT vertical game value ecology. We aim to build a meta-universe property experiment through the entry of top IP and a large number of esports games. Through application of NFT technology, we open up the value exchange between the virtual world of encrypted assets and the real world and build a more pragmatic Metaverse platform.

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