Global Crypto Avatar KAKA Rabbit

What KAKA is doing?

Why is KAKA Rabbit so special?

  1. In the current NFT field. Crypto avatars are a big hit. Having a dedicated crypto avatar will make you stand out more in the social field and KAKA Rabbit meets this need. KAKA Rabbits are hand-drawn by world-renowned CG artists and game designers. Each image is unique, meaning they are highly recognizable and hold strong artistic value. Their holders can set it as their own social account avatar.
  2. It is the upgraded version of the KAKA Metaverse Key currently on sale and also a key product of KAKA. In addition to the previous privileges, KAKA Rabbit will open up more gameplay as KAKA’s integrated product. The KAKA Metaverse Keys purchased by players before will be upgraded to KAKA Rabbit. Now might be the perfect time to invest in KAKA Metaverse Keys.
  3. KAKA will plan an exclusive gameplay system around KAKA Rabbit. At the same time, KAKA will also develop physical products for KAKA Rabbit. By combining them with physical products, KAKA Rabbit is poised to become a unique IP. This will further the exchange of value between the virtual world and the real world, which will magnify the effect of the product.

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