KAKA Metaverse Key NFT Cards launched on KAKA NFT Marketplace

KAKA NFT World has achieved great acclaim since our repurchase program kicked off. We will add more cards to Repurchase Program in next stage. Besides, we are now booming another exclusive and limited-edition NFT Cards for our players, KAKA Metaverse Key NFT Cards at 4:00 pm UTC, on July 3 . KAKA Metaverse Key NFT Cards are also issued by KAKA NFT World, with a limited quantity of 500 and at a price of ONLY 199 USDT. This card offers our holders a unique member experience.

What will you benefit from KAKA Metaverse Key?

1) Users have priority rights to win all KAKA airdrops. Airdrop includes KAKA cards, KAKA tokens, ETH, USDT and other rewards.

2) Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards will have priority access to KAKA first notice, KAKA official latest development strategy information.

3) Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards will have access to kaka handicraft gifts: KAKA exclusive custom handicraft, with priority purchase rights, and possibilities of joining our whitelist qualifications.

4) Discount Priorities: Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards will get priority to have a discount on all KAKA NFT Cards sold on official website, cooperation platform and other Myster box sale activities.

5) Custom Priorities: Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards will get KAKA NFT custom qualifications, cumulative in the KAKA official website purchase transactions to reach a certain accumulation, Users can get NFT exclusive custom NFT rights and interests.

6) Multi-chain metaverse experience: Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards can experience multi-chain metauniverse. They can smoothly experience the meta-universe service and experience on KAKA NFT cooperative public chain without cross-chain by themselves, which will become multi-chain meta-universe pass key.

7) Users who hodl KAKA Key NFT Cards can obtain the basic identity and space of kaka metaverse virtual role.

8) More benefits and rights will be announced gradually, please pay attention to official Twitter for details!

How to buy KAKA Metaverse Key NFT Cards?

KAKA Metaverse NFT Cards are available at KAKA official website. User can browse the Events through the menu bar to find the event called KAKA Metaverse Key. Then user need to connect their wallet to Ethereum Mainnet before they place the order.

Again, all NFT cards issued by KAKA can participate in KAKA Repurchase program in the future. All cards sold by KAKA NFT World can also be used to play Troland games. High grade cards will have more power in the game. 20% NFT cards will be burned during Troland Games (Click here to check how to play Troland Games) through the smart contract and the repurchase price will increase as the circulation amount goes up. All NFT cards sold by KAKA NFT World are heading for deflation.

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a DEFI project of the world’s top NFT vertical game value ecology. We aim to build a meta-universe property experiment through the entry of top IP and a large number of e-sports games. Through application of NFT technology, we open up the value exchange between the virtual world of encrypted assets and the real world and build a more pragmatic Metaverse platform.

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