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5 min readMar 25, 2022

The Valerian comics was co-created by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean-Claude Mézières and the series is considered to be a milestone in European comics and popular culture. As one of the best comic books of all time, the sci-fi images created by Valerian have been borrowed a lot by franchises such as “Star Wars” and many other famous sci-fi masterpieces and they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the new generation of cartoonists.

Compared with PFP projects based on pure IP play such as Phanta Bear (Jay Chou Bear) and X Rabbits (Lengtoo), which are previous trendsetters of the NFT market, the Valerian series of NFTs has more interesting and creative elements and is not limited to digital art, in fact users can also collect Several NFTs fragments, as puzzles pieces, which combined together on the KAKA official website will allow you to receive a background NFT, of extreme importance in reference to the Metaverse that will be launched later.

The minting of the limited edition Valerian series NFT is based on the IP Valerian licensed by the copyright holders

How to buy?

Users can participate in the first sale limited to 14,999 pieces and the ETH network-based Valerian series NFTs will be sold on KAKA’s official website, and only whitelisted users are allowed to participate. Each whitelisted user can mint from 1 up to 10 pieces maximum while the supplies last, first come first serve, unit price is 0,25 ETH.

How to be whitelisted?

Join the KAKA Discord channel: https://discord.io/kakametaverse, in the Whitelist Rules room you will find all the information you need

NFT preview

Each mint can generate one of two types of NFTs that can be found:

Crypto-Avatar & Puzzle Shard

• Crypto-Avatar

They are the characters of Valerian series, and in the future “The City of a Thousand Planets” Metaverse they can be exchanged with a Genesis Hero

• Puzzle Shard

Each shard can be a Metaverse character or game item, or by collecting and finding all the shard of a puzzle, they can be combined on the official KAKA website, and will allow you to receive a background NFT.
Each Crypto-Puzzle pieced together will be a planetary land in “The City of a Thousand Planets” metaverse

Combination of fragments to complete a Crypto-Puzzle


Humans and many alien races live together in a prosperous interstellar metropolis named Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets. For hundreds of years, Alpha, the City of a Thousand Planets, has become a wonderful paradise for all groups to coexist peacefully.

The total number of NFTs in the Valerian series released this time is 14,999, and with the fusion and destruction of puzzles, the final number will stay at several thousand.

This is merely the first stage. Through the Valerian IP, KAKA will integrate the main story line into the second stage, the game of “The City of a Thousand Planets”, explore and experience the Valerian-themed chain tour, and earn while you play.

Every user who holds a crypto-avatar will get a genesis hero; every user who holds a crypto-puzzle piece will get a metaverse character or in game item; and every user who holds a fused puzzle will a piece of land in the City of a Thousand Planets.

Every user who holds a Crypto-Avatar will get a Genesis Hero:

Genesis Heroes

Every user who holds a Puzzle Shard will get a metaverse character or in game item:

Game Props

Every user who holds a completed Crypto-Puzzle will get a Planetary Land:

Planetary Land

This fosters a new era of crypto-assets and IP!

“It is worth mentioning that, different from the same roadmap of other NFT projects in the market, a portion of the total sales of Valerian NFT will be donated to people in poverty-stricken areas to help those suffering or affected by the COVID-19 pandemic”

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