KAKA NFT World Airdrop Whitelist Winners Announcement

Dear Community,

Thank you to everyone that submitted Airdrop Whitelist Activity which includes a Form and Memes contest. All participants who fill the form will receive 3 Troland Cards in their uploaded BSC wallet address.

Here is the Torland Cards airdrop winner list. We will deliever Troland Cards to your account within 3 working days.

Besides, We had some fantastic submissions by some very talented people in our community.

Here are the TOP 10: https://twitter.com/hugotkagee/status/1397449599472701442










All meme contest winners should message us on Twitter and provide your wallet to receive the prizes within 3 working days. Thank you again for your participation, and thank our partner TheForce.Trade for supporting us all the time. We look forward to the next competition.

KAKA NFT World Team

May 27, 2021



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