KAKA NFT World and Consensus Lab Partnership

We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Consensus Lab. Consensus Lab will help KAKA NFT World with the market promotion in China and globally through AMAs, articles, news, etc., and will explore other ecosystem sources. KAKA NFT World will focus on NFTs and support more top copyrighted NFTs for both partners.

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT World is a DeFi project of the world’s top vertical NFT game value ecology. We aim to build a metaverse copyright experiment by introducing top copyrighted products and numerous e-sports games. We adopt the NFT technology to open up value exchange between the virtual world of encrypted assets and the real world and build a more pragmatic metaverse platform.

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About Consensus Lab

Consensus Lab is one of the mainstream investment institutions in the Chinese blockchain industry. Including Consensus Investment Fund, Consensus Quantitative FOF, and Consensus DeFi Innovation Fund. Consensus Lab is also a founding member of the Nova Club Alliance of Investment Institutions.

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Delicated in E-sport Prediction