KAKA NFT World Launches Hybrid Mystery Boxes as the Next Part of Its NFT MetaVerse Project on Binance NFT

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6 min readAug 24, 2021


The Incoming NFTs Boom

“The NFT mania has hit the mainstream with nearly every other popular brand engaging in the NFT mania”. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) were first launched in 2018 and were primarily used as a fan token by premier league sport clubs However, its popularity and usage skyrocketed during this bull summer and gained international press coverage when digital artist Beeple sold his art for $69 million. Since then, the NFT craze has only gotten hotter and KAKA now came up with an ultimate NFT card game to bring the NFT legacy onwards.

KAKA NFT World is the world’s leading NFT project and anime IP value aggregation platform. The platform has launched the upgraded NFT. The main part of the product is the NFT based on the ERC721 standard for the blockchain.

Metaverse Blockchain Gaming Hybrid Mystery Boxes in Binance NFT

KAKA has officially announced the first time cooperation with Binance NFT for the launchpad of metaverse blockchain gaming hybrid mystery box is coming on Aug 25. There is one of four possible NFTs you could get by opening this Hybrid Mystery Box, which includes KAKA Rabbit, KAKA SGF, KAKA China, and Troland card pack.

Release time: 11:00 am UTC, Aug 25

Types: 41

Rarity: SSR, SR, R and N

Price per box: 20 BUSD

Purchase limit: up to 100 boxes/account

KAKA Rabbit

KAKA rabbit is an upgraded version of the metaverse key product launched previously by KAKA NFT. The main part of the product is the NFT based on the ERC721 standard for the blockchain, and each configuration has its own unique rabbit image design. Since KAKA NFT is the world’s leading game and anime IP value aggregation platform, all rabbit image designs will have some IP collaboration designs that are both interesting and rare.

Since KAKA rabbit is not just a simple NFT avatar, she is the metaverse key of KAKA NFT. Therefore, her holders will enjoy a series of privileges and functions that keyholders should enjoy, such as getting airdrops of KAKA’s official Mystery Boxes and regular lottery opportunities. They will also enjoy priority to KAKA’s card game battles. This makes the KAKA-rabbit a very wise long-term investment. If you hold this NFT, you can reap the rewards and benefits of KAKA NFT’s various activities for a long time.

With KAKA-Rabbit you will enjoy the following additional privileges and benefits:

1) You can receive Mystery Box airdrops from time to time on KAKA’s official website. Depending on the value of the airdrop, you might even earn back your investment as soon as three to four Mystery Boxes.

2) You can use the KAKA-rabbit as your Twitter profile picture, which will become a symbol of your coolness.

3) You can get mining rewards from KAKA NFT’s official website from time to time, which may contain many popular crypto tokens.

4) You can get various priority experience and user rights for KAKA’s card game. This might give you an edge in the battles to come.

5) You can get access to further privileges and benefits. You can check out the details on KAKA’s official website. Keyholders will accumulate more privileges and benefits as time goes on.

There will only be 10,000 pieces of KAKA-rabbit across the world, which means there will be 10,000 completely independent rabbit images at the same time, without any duplication. KAKA’s rabbit will be different from the other computer-generated avatar NFTs. KAKA’s rabbits’ images will all be hand-drawn and designed by famous CG artists and game designers around the world and each image will only have one matching NFT issued. Therefore, it will have its inherent artistic value and design techniques. This time only 20 special KAKA & Binance collaboration pieces will be sold on Binance NFT.


KAKA SGF cards have a rarity rating of SR. In the mysterious far east, there are many creative artists who belong to the League of Sci-Fi Creators. They created these special cards compatible with the Troland card game that are extremely rare and have the mysterious ability for holders to reopen, evolve and upgrade. You can receive these magical functions at KAKA’s official website, only if you own KAKA’s Key NFT. Of course, you can always just sell these cards to other players for profit. It will be valid for the repurchase program with 80% issue price as guarantee, and also game battles.

KAKA China

KAKA China cards have a rarity rating of R. They are co-designed by GG, a designer from the League of Sci-Fi Creators, together with KAKA. They create ten different characters which have reopen functions. It will be available for joining the official repurchase program with 80% issue price as guarantee, and also game battles.

Troland Card

Troland Card Pack is at grade N. Cards are the core of the battle card game launched by KAKA NFT. Not only can the cards be used for battles, but they can also be collected. After the launch of the KAKA game, as the cards are depleted, their prices may rise to new heights in accordance with the market. Low-level cards may become expensive in the end. Binance’s Mysterious Box card packs will enjoy all its functions and can be repurchased at KAKA’s official website. It will be worth your time to collect these. There will be a further notice before the sale about reopening mystery box function and the rules of Troland card disassembles.

Purchase Guideline for Hybrid Mystery Box

Step 1. Before you start, make sure your Binance Spot Wallet has enough BUSD for the Mystery Box.

Step 2. Click here and log in to your account (go ahead and sign up if you don’t have one yet).

Step 3. For the website users: click “NFT ‘’ in the menu bar and it will bring you to Binance NFT’s home page.

Step 4. For the mobile users: go to Binance’s homepage and click “more” to explore the NFT page.

Step 5. Once the countdown begins, you are ready to click the banner and head to the Mystery Box page.

Step 6. Next, you can click on “Buy Now”, enter the quantity desired, place the order and then proceed to payment.

Step 7. A single account is only allowed to purchase up to 100 Mystery Boxes.

Step 8. You can review your purchase(s) via “Purchase History” under your profile.

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