Marvel NFT Cards Exclusive Auction on DODONFT

KAKA NFT Global limited Marvel NFT Cards Blindbox will be exclusively sell on DODO at 9:00 pm on 28th May, and will end at 9:00 pm on 30th May (UTC+8). To ensure fair and equitable distribution, users can not see the cards enclosed in the card packs they have purchased during this period.

All card packs will be revealed on May 31 at 9 PM UTC+8. If the NFT cards are not sold out within the specified time (May 30 at 9:00 pm UTC), the remaining cards will be burned.The rules for sales are based on KAKA NFT World, A DeFi project of the world’s top NFT vertical game value Ecology.

A total of 5337 Marvel NFT cards will be auctioned in Blindbox. Here are the details:

Marvel NFT Cards Features

⦁ Grade: 8(Advanced)

⦁ NFT Species: 11

⦁ Total Amount: 5337

⦁ Ticket Selling Time : 9:00 pm 28th May 2021 UTC+8

⦁ Blindbox Open Time: 9:00 pm 31th May 2021 UTC+8

⦁ Ticket Price: 0.5 $BNB

How to participate in?

In the first stage, 5337 tickets will be sold out. Tickets can be used to exchange NFT tokens in the second stage. The probability distribution of exchange is based on the supply of each card. There will never have specific cards in the Blindbox if these cards reach out to the total amount.

You can also follow up our PurchaseGuide step by step and trade directly on Treasureland by clicking the “Trade” button on the interface.

Beware, Blind boxes must be open before May 31th at 9:00 pm UTC, or it will expire and become worthless.

P.S. Each Marvel Character NFT Cards is Global Limited Edition. They can be used in:

📍Playing Games

You can play games with Marvel Cards in Troland Games. as Grade 8, Marvel NFT cards have stronger power compared to others.

📍Collection Value

Tons of Cards will be burned in playing games. Fund will be locked in contract to ensure that all cards can be sell in USDT. Each card’s value will be raising as many cards were burned in the game.

📍Providing Liquidity

Users can stake advanced cards in DODO to Build ERC20 tokens for trade. It can not only provide liquidity but make profits in it.

🔥🔥We also launched an Airdrop activity. Please join our Telegram and check the pinned message to win $10,000 worth of $KAKA +1700 Troland NFT Cards

Best of luck❤

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