Metaverse Alchemy Society — A New Chance to Win the Massive FOMO Prize Pools

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The House of Alchemy Golden, Silver, and Copper NFTs minting event was a stunning success. The golden NFT winner won a FOMO prize pool of 66,000 $KAKA, the silver NFT winner won an 18,400 $KAKA FOMO Prize pool, and the copper NFT winner won an 8,760 FOMO prize pool. The cumulative dividends have reached 41,550 $KAKA shared by all minters.

The copper NFT winner who won the 8,760 $KAKA FOMO prize pool shared the exciting news with the community on Twitter.

KAKA will launch another Alchemy event named Metaverse Alchemy Society which is the upgraded version of the House of Alchemy. What is Metaverse Alchemy Society? And why is it different from the original House of Alchemy? Let’s explore the answer key in this article together.

What is the Metaverse Alchemy Society?

Miracles appear, and new legends happen in the KAKA Rabbit Metaverse every day. On the other side, the Metaverse Alchemy Society was growing in secrecy. Those who wish to enter need to hold new Golden, Silver, and Copper NFTs as licenses. Members only need to mint NFTs while consuming a certain amount of $KAKA to receive an invitation. Everyone will have their chances to receive their share of treasure, and they can receive much more than what they will invest for. At the same time, treasure chests are waiting to be opened to fulfill participants’ dreams of wealth.

What are the Differences Between the Metaverse Alchemy Society and the House of Alchemy?

  1. The minting costs are less than or equal to the House of Alchemy.
  2. Part of the capital pool of the Metaverse Alchemy Society comes from the minting fee consumed by Metaverse Alchemy Society NFT holders and the other part comes from the donations from KAKA’s partners or teams.
  3. Users can exchange their new Alchemy Society series NFT to obtain USDT assets in the Alchemy Society. The received exchanged USDT is 120% of the real-time equivalent value of NFT minting fee.
  4. Users can share the serial number of the Alchemy Society series NFTs they hold to others. When one mint the Alchemy Society NFTs with the series number, both the recommender and the referee can get 10% of the NFT minting fee as rewards.

How to Participate in the Metaverse Alchemy Society

Users can mint three different types of NFTs by spending various amounts of $KAKA.

  1. Golden NFTs require 2,000 $KAKA to mint.
  2. Silver NFTs require 800 $KAKA to mint.
  3. Copper NFTs require 300 $KAKA to mint.

What is the FOMO Prize Pool?

When users are minting brand new Alchemy Society NFTs, 20% of the minting fee will be injected into the corresponding FOMO Prize Pool, and the countdown towards the prize pool will begin. If no other user mints a new NFT before the countdown is over, the last users can win the corresponding entire prize pools.

  1. In the Golden NFT FOMO prize pool, there are at least 4,000 $KAKA tokens with a 48-hour countdown period.
  2. In the Silver NFT FOMO prize pool, there are at least 2,400 $KAKA tokens with a 24-hour countdown period.
  3. In the Copper NFT FOMO prize pool, there are at least 1,500 $KAKA tokens with a 24-hour countdown period.

Distribution of $KAKA in Minting Different NFTs

When users mint NFTs in the Metaverse Alchemy Society, consumed $KAKA in the process will be distributed according to the following mechanism:

50% is converted into USDT assets at the real-time price and transferred to the fund pool of the Metaverse Alchemy Society.

10% is allocated to users who currently hold the same metalike NFTs as dividends.

20% is injected into the corresponding FOMO prize pools.

20% is used as referral rewards.

How to Make Profits with Metaverse Alchemy Society’s NFTs

Firstly, all golden, silver, and copper NFTs support transfers and trading. They can be listed on the secondary NFT exchanges as well. KAKA has cooperated with Binance NFT marketplace, Treasureland, and

Secondly, after 24 hours of completing the golden, silver, and copper NFT minting process, users can exchange their NFTs for USDT assets at the Metaverse Alchemy Society.

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