Metaverse Power Crystal, Can You Win 50% of the Prize Pool?

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4 min readJan 18, 2022

With NFTs getting more and more popular, there are different kinds of NFTs in the market. KAKA has launched NFT minting events for our communities where you can participate in making crypto earnings while enjoying the fun gameplay.

Metaverse Power Crystal is a fabulous chain game that is about to launch on KAKA. Let’s explore the Metaverse Power Crystal together.

What is the Metaverse Power Crystal?

The Metaverse Power Crystal is a genesis gameplay held by KAKA. Users can participate in the game by purchasing Gauntlets of Power and Power Crystal Mystery Boxes. Gather five different Power Crystal NFTs and a single Gauntlet of Power NFT to win a chance to perform an Annihilation to win 50% of the prize in the Power Prize Pool.

What are Gauntlets of Power and Power Crystal Mystery Boxes?

Power Crystal Mystery Boxes contain Soul Power Crystal, Space Power Crystal, Time Power Crystal, Strength Power Crystal, Reality Power Crystal NFTs and Ash tokens. Here are the probabilities of receiving one of Crystal for opening a Mystery Box.


The Gauntlets of Power combine Power Crystals and trigger the Annihilation.

Each The Gauntlet of Power’s holders can share the corresponding wallet address of these NFTs. When other users purchase Power Crystal Mystery Boxes, the referrer can receive 10% of the prize as a referral reward. (If the submitted referral address doesn’t own any gauntlets, this amount will be transferred to the infinity prize pool)

How to Receive Gauntlets of Power and Power Crystals Mystery Boxes

Gauntlets of Power/Power Crystals Mystery Boxes are sold in indefinite amounts on KAKA Official. Gauntlets of Power NFT Mystery Boxes start at 500 USDT, while Power Crystals NFT Mystery Boxes start at 50 USDT.

Noted: each successful sale of a Gauntlet of Power will lead to a 2 USDT increment in its price.

Distribution of the Mystery Boxes Revenue

The sales revenue from the Mystery Boxes will be distributed as follows:

40% will be injected into the Power Prize Pool.

10% will be the commission fee for Gauntlets of Power NFTs.

5% will be the handling fee for the KAKA Platform.

15% will be the development fee for the development team.

30% will be evenly shared between the users that currently hold the Power Crystals NFTs as their profit.

The Rules of the Power Crystals Metaverse

When the user collects five different Power Crystal NFTs and a Gauntlet of Power NFT through Mystery Boxes, they can get an opportunity to perform the Annihilation by destroying the whole set of NFTs. Users who perform Annihilation will immediately receive 50% of the current Power Prize Pool. At the same time, the destruction mechanism will be activated. Half of the NFTs of holders who have Power Crystal NFTs and Gauntlet of Power NFTs in the entire network will be randomly destroyed and converted into Ash tokens.

The conversion ratio of destroyed NFT tokens to Ash tokens is 1:100, not including unopened NFT Mystery Boxes.

The destruction rules are as follows:

When the number of Power Crystals/Gauntlet of Power NFTs held by a single user is N, if N is an even number, the number of destroyed NFTs is N/2; if N is an odd number, the number of destruction will be N/2 rounded up, and the user will then receive Ash tokens at a 1:100 ratio according to the amount of NFT burned. Ash tokens will be used in private functions that will come online later.

Three Methods for Metaverse Power Crystal Holders to Receive Their Rewards

  1. Power Prize Pool Rewards

Collect five different Power Crystal NFTs and 1 Gauntlet of Power NFT to get an opportunity to perform an Annihilation action through the destruction of the whole set. The user who performs Annihilation can get 50% of the Power Prize Pool as a reward.

2. Dividends

Users who hold Power Crystals/Gauntlets of Power NFTs can reap dividends from their corresponding sales.

Note: when the Power Crystal series NFTs held by the user are converted into Ash tokens through Annihilation, they will no longer enjoy the sales dividend income. More mysterious gameplay features will be launched in the future.

3. Referral Rewards

Users can share the serial number of the Gauntlet of Power NFT they hold. When other users purchase Power Crystal Mystery Boxes through this number, the recommender can get 10% of the price of the Mystery Box as a referral reward.

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