Official Statement / Letter to Users

KAKA Metaverse
2 min readSep 29, 2022

1) KAKA will focus more on the TRON ecosystem in the next phase, gradually extending the value of KAKA from BSC to TRON, which will support users to transfer KAKA assets from BSC to TRON, and we will establish new liquidity trading in TRON.

2) KAKA token was pancake swap supported user trading in November 21, and the trading price once reached the position of $5, and the trading volume reached about $20 million in the same day. This price ensures that all investors can recover their costs and make a profit.

3) KAKA has not appropriated any of the investors’ assets and the entire KAKA team has not sold a single KAKA, and the token held by the team will only be unlocked in November 2022. So far it has not been unlocked.

4) Yes, KAKA has chosen the wrong team for market cap management, which has resulted in KAKA losing all of its LP funds, and there is no way to recover these funds, which has directly led to KAKA’s price not returning to normal.

5) KAKA has liquidated all of its employees in China and their performance was very disappointing. Some of them refused to hand over their management accounts and were using their local accounts to make very bad comments about KAKA, even leaving offensive comments on KAKA’s Twitter feed, which was regrettable and unethical. It was their dismissal that led to their revenge and it was not sensible behaviour.

6) Many users were upset about KAKA’s NFT sales buyback, but this was a decision made after a vote by users who held NFT and had completed a 20% NFT buyback at the time, but in the end this asset did not save the market cap from being destroyed, which we regret, but we did not stop trying. We hope that KAKA NFT users will be patient, KAKA has been developing its own new products with new games and features and is looking for better public chain partners.

7) KAKA is almost done with the new game and will use the KAKA token to support the economic system, so that all KAKA holders can still earn from it and do not have to make additional investments.

KAKA has spent almost half a year developing the new decentralised game in a closed loop and will be upgraded and deployed on TRON, we hope that the new public chain partnership will bring better opportunities and growth for KAKA. With new results on the horizon, the team still believes KAKA can regain its shine.

MA Insurance Foundation

29 September 2022



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