RedLine Captical invested KAKANFT in seed round to rocket the NFT market.

KAKA Metaverse
2 min readMay 12, 2021

KAKA NFT WORLD received a strategic investment from Redline Capital

Currently, KAKA NFT WORLD’s seed round financing has been completed, and it has received Redline Capital, Infinity labs, 7 O’Clock Capita, Coin leader punk, AU21, Lotos Capital, Starland Capital, Unionblock Vc, Ternary Capital, Kryptos Limited, BIP32, Apex Decentralised, Cloud Nest Capital, Phonixpool Foundation, New Asia Consulting, 8090 Capital (listed in no particular order)… 25 well-known investment institutions, miners, and exchanges at home and abroad, KAK NFT WORLD after the investment Valuation of more than 6 million US dollars!

Redline Capital( Red chain Capital) is a well-known investment institution specializing in the field of block chain technology, investing in star projects such as DODO、FOR、KINE, and investing in star exchanges such as FTX、BITWELL、CCFOX、LBK、AOFEX….

KAKA NFT WORLD is a card game jointly developed by Japanese and Korean game giants. It is a DEFI project of the world’s top NFT vertical game value ecology. It will build a meta-universe attribute experiment through top IP settlement and a large number of e-sports games, and seek to pass NFT technology Open up the value exchange between the virtual world of encrypted assets and the real world, and build a more pragmatic Metaverse platform.

Next, We will launched various of activities and achieved cooperation. Please stay tuned.






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