The Second Round Mystery box Sale is Coming! Grab your Marvel Villain & Paul Frank Dragon Series NFT Cards Now!

We are thrilled to announce that KAKA NFT World the second-round mystery box sale will be live on TheForce.Trade at 15:00 pm on June 9 UTC. The mystery box will be available from 15:00 pm on June 9 to 15:00 pm on June 11 UTC.

Total Quantity: 500

Mystery Box Open Time: Instantly

  1. First NFT Mystery Box Sale
  • Date: June 9th
  • Time: 15:00 pm UTC
  • Number of Mystery Box issued: 100 single pack mystery box
  • Issuance price: 499 $FOC/single card

2. Second NFT Mystery Box Sale

  • Date: June 10th
  • Time: 15:00 pm UTC
  • Number of Mystery Box issued: 100 three-pack bundle mystery box
  • Issuance price: 1,497 $FOC/three-card bundle

3. Third NFT Mystery Box Sale

  • Date: June 11th
  • Time: 15:00 pm UTC
  • Number of Mystery Box issued: 100 single pack mystery box
  • Insurance price: 499 $FOC/single card

$FOC token purchase tutorial:

Check out the sale details below:

In this mystery box sale, 15 types of Marvel NFT cards offered, including 9 types of Grade 7 and 6 types of Grade 6, and 10 types of special-edition Paul Frank cards.

The Marvel NFT card can be exchanged for a global limited edition physical collection card and supports Marvel's physical anti-counterfeiting labels.

After using the KAKA token to activate the coin, the Paul Frank cards can be converted into 500 sealed Grade 8 Marvel cards. Paul Frank cards can support the second box-open on KAKA official website in the future. Paul Frank cards will be burned automatically if they failed to transformed into Grade 8 Marvel NFT Cards.

When the number of draws of a card reaches its total supply, this card will not appear in the subsequent mystery boxes.

The Sales Distribution

The copyright owner collects 10% of the total sales as royalty. KAKA collects 7% as a platform token bonus.

80% of the sales will be locked in the smart contract for redeeming and repurchasing mainstream assets.

What can you do with KAKA NFT Cards?

1.All NFT cards issued by KAKA can be repurchased by KAKA officials with at least 80% of issuing price. KAKA Official Website will have the repurchase page by the end of June.

2. All cards sold by KAKA NFT World can be used to play Troland games. High-grade cards will have more capable force in the game. 20% NFT cards will be burned in Troland Games(Click here to check how to play Troland Games), the smart contract repurchase price will increase. All NFT cards sold by KAKA NFT World are deflationary.

3. You can also trade your NFT Cards on Treasureland. Click here to check out how to trade on Treasureland.

Don’t miss out the chance to grab your NFT Cards and best of luck.

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