Troland Public Beta is Coming to an End, the Official Launch is Coming Soon!

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2 min readJan 11, 2022

After four months of public beta, the play-to-earn game Troland ends on Jan 11, 2022. During the public beta, a large number of users have actively participated. The users gave their feedback while experiencing the game to help KAKA make Troland better.

With the end of the public beta, this journey will be temporarily closed, which represents a beginning for KAKA. In 2022, the long-prepared and well-designed chain game Troland will be officially launched after the public beta, and users will participate in the official version of Troland. Join the battle, play to earn $KAKA tokens.

What has Troland brought to users in the four-month public beta? Let KAKA walk you through it.

On the one hand, the public beta has launched a game item store. Users can purchase protection items to protect their selected cards from being burnt or being lost to winners after losing the battle, which significantly increases the fun of the gameplay and reduces users’ losses.

On the other hand, KAKA announced the leaderboard of the game. The results include the top ten winners, losers and scores, which will all receive rewards prepared by the KAKA official. These events will also be launched in the official Troland in the later stage.

Many passionate users have put forward suggestions for optimizing Troland through official channels, and KAKA has organized these suggestions into files. KAKA will take everyone’s opinion into careful consideration. Stay tuned with us for the upcoming official version of Troland.

Note: Please claim all of your BNB rewards before the closing date.

Thanks to all users for your participation and support. If you have any other suggestions for the game, feel free to leave your feedback in the form below, and get a chance to win rewards.


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