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4 min readJan 17, 2022

This week KAKA has announced a new partnership with Pixel Metaverse, the winner results of Metaverse Alchemy Society, limited release of KAKA Monster War Series, and more.


Distribution of KAKArians

Part One: Partnership with Pixel Metaverse

Pixel Metaverse is the second chain game project that has partnered with KAKA. Pixel Metaverse will be launched soon.

Pixel Metaverse is a social-fi game that provides a meta-space for users to explore in informal social gatherings. In this Metaverse, you can own lands, build properties and start your social life!

Part Two: Introducing Customized KAKA Monster 001 NFT

KAKA revealed Customized NFT for the first time this week.

What is KAKA Monster Customized NFT?

KAKA Monsters are a series of crypto avatars published by KAKA. Holders can enjoy dividends from the sales of their corresponding physical products. This sale is based on the KAKA Monster 001 crypto avatar, and KAKA launched a customizable version of the NFT card for its physical products. The Customized NFT will be sold at 399 USDT.

Part Three: Metaverse Alchemy Society Golden and Silver NFT Winners’ Result

Metaverse Alchemy Society is an NFT minting event that KAKA has recently launched.

Users can mint three different types of NFTs by spending various amounts of $KAKA. NFT holders could earn dividends from the follower users, earn 10% referral fees, exchange the NFT to USDT (120% premium), and the last users of each NFT would win the FOMO prize pools.

This week, the Golden and Silver NFT winners were announced.

The Golden NFT winner has won the FOMO prize pool of 10,000 $KAKA. The silver NFT winner has won the FOMO prize pool of 9,920 $KAKA.

Part Four: KAKA College has Launched

KAKA College is a functional website of tutorial videos KAKA has prepared for KAKArians to learn and participate in KAKA’s games and events and buy KAKA tokens step by step. KAKA College has officially launched this week.

There are three sections in KAKA College. GameFi, Event, and Others.

Currently, we have published tutorial videos of Troland, KAKA Vault, how to buy a $KAKA token, and more. There will be more tutorials coming up.

Part Five: KAKA Monster NFT War Series Limited Release

This week KAKA has released 15 War Series KAKA Monster NFTs in the Binance NFT marketplace. With the issue price at 399 BUSD, the War Series Monsters sold out soon after its release. The highest price listed in the secondary marketplace is 3,599 BUSD.

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on the metaverse blockchain gaming sector. It is committed to combining the application of NFT+DEFI in the ecosystem, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization, integrating various IPs of global brands, and creating Decentralized Autonomous Management (DAO). It aims to create a prediction agreement perpendicular to the e-sports prediction market, and an open, transparent, decentralized, and complete project for the ecosystem. The main sectors are divided into the two following categories: providing services such as R&D, sales, trading, circulation, e-sports, and trendy games for game and art NFTs; focusing on the prediction market in the field of e-sports (Prediction Market).

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KAKA Metaverse

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