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KAKA Metaverse
3 min readJan 25, 2022

It was a productive week for KAKA. KAKA has announced a piece of important news that KAKA NFT World has officially rebranded to KAKA Metaverse, the third round of Metaverse Key Upgrading, and more. Let’s move up together in KAKA Metaverse!


Distribution of KAKArians

Part One: KAKA NFT World has Rebranded to KAKA Metaverse

KAKA has officially rebranded this week. KAKA NFT World has changed its name to KAKA Metaverse, and KAKA Rabbit was renamed KAKA Metaverse. The updated domain name is kakausa.io.

What is KAKA Metaverse?

KAKA Metaverse combines NFT + DEFI, constructs a cross-chain bridge based on global decentralization, and gathers various IPs of international brands.

For the rebranding, KAKA is fully committed to enhancing the value of the game and providing users with a better service.

Part Two: The Third Round of Metaverse Key Upgrading

This week, the third round of Metaverse Key Upgrading has been completed. KAKA Official released 10 KAKA Monster NFTs for KAKA Metaverse Key holders to upgrade their keys and unlock more privileges. There are limited KAKA Monsters for every Metaverse Key Upgrading, first come, first serve.

Part Three: Introducing KAKA Crowdfunding

KAKA GameFi Competitive Gaming Platform will also provide game development crowdfunding services. Users can start crowdfunding proposals here for their entry stake. Users who participate in crowdfunding will receive dividends based on the proportions of their funding.

Part Four: Troland - Play the Game and Mint $KAKA

Troland game has finished its public beta and went online officially. The difference between the two versions of the game is that users can play to earn $KAKA as rewards rather than $BNB rewards in the official Troland game. With $KAKA tokens, users can join our events such as staking on KAKA Vault, joining the upcoming second round of Chosen One event, and more.

Part Five: KAKA Monster Ring Series Limited Release

There were 15 KAKA Monster Ring Series released in the Binance NFT marketplace with the issue price of 399 BUSD. After the sold-out, the highest price listed on the secondary marketplace is 5,999 BUSD.

About KAKA Metaverse

KAKA Metaverse is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on the metaverse blockchain gaming sector. It is committed to combining the application of NFT+DEFI in the ecosystem, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization, integrating various IPs of global brands, and creating Decentralized Autonomous Management (DAO). It aims to create a prediction agreement perpendicular to the e-sports prediction market, and an open, transparent, decentralized, and complete project for the ecosystem. The main sectors are divided into the two following categories: providing services such as R&D, sales, trading, circulation, e-sports, and trendy games for game and art NFTs; focusing on the prediction market in the field of e-sports (Prediction Market).

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KAKA Metaverse

“A competitive Gaming Ecosystem Platform focusing on the metaverse blockchain gaming”. Website:https://kakausa.io https://linktr.ee/kakametaverse