Weekly Update 12/20–12/26

This week of KAKA was productive. KAKA announced the Santa event winner and House of Alchemy winners. Christmas KAKA Rabbit NFTs released on CryptoArt.Ai and UniArts. And many other fantastic events. Let’s review this wonderful week!

Part One: Santa KA-laus is Coming to Town Lucky Winner Announcement

Santa KA-Laus is Coming to Town is a generous event that KAKA officials prepared for all KAKArians to celebrate the incoming of Christmas. Each $KAKA holder needs to stake only 2 KAKA tokens and get a chance to win a massive prize pool, including a Medusa NFT, which is worth 100,000 KAKA, 50,000 $MELI, 20,000 $TPT and 3,000 $ACK. KAKA officially announced the lucky winner on Christmas, Dec 25, 2021.

Part Two: House of Alchemy Golden, Silver, and Copper NFTs FOMO Prize Pool Winner Results

The House of Alchemy is a new era for $KAKA tokens, and it brings token holders a fun experience while Burn & Mint. Users can mint particular types of NFTs by burning different amounts of $KAKA tokens.

There are three FOMO prize pools in the alchemy contract of each golden, silver, and copper NFTs. At the end of the countdown, whoever minted the NFT can receive the $KAKA in the bonus pool. Three types of NFTs can support transfers and transactions and be listed on secondary NFT exchanges.

The golden NFT winner won a 66,000 $KAKA FOMO prize pool, the silver NFT winner won an 18,400 $KAKA FOMO Prize pool, and the copper NFT winner won an 8,760 FOMO prize pool.

The cumulative dividends have reached 41,550 $KAKA shared by minters.

Part Three: KAKA Token Warehouse Website is Live

KAKA has updated the Tokenomics website. Click here for details. You can know more about the KAKA token’s demand and supply, quality, distribution, and production on the token warehouse page. KAKA Token Warehouse helps you to gain a better understanding of us.

Part Four: Christmas KAKA Rabbit 24 Hours Auction on CryptoArt.Ai

Four of KAKA Rabbit NFTs are officially launched on CryptoArt.Ai’s 24H Auction. There will be a 24-hour countdown auction, with a starting price of 0.77 BNB per NFT artwork, for a total of 4 NFTs. The KAKA Rabbit NFT will be auctioned in British style to the highest bidder within a set time frame. At the end of the Auction, the winner will be able to resell the artwork on CryptoArt.Ai. There will be a $500 reward CART token reward for active bidders.

Part Five: KAKA Rabbit Newly Release in The Impossible Art Formula on the UniArts Network

KAKA has announced the partnership with UniArts Network, and KAKA released six different KAKA Rabbits in UniArts’ NFT gallery, The Impossible Art Formula, to discover KAKA’s market value. The whole process is divided into a voting round and an auction round.

The voting period started on Christmas Eve. The voting period is from 4:00 PM, Dec 24, 2021–4:00 PM, Jan 7, 2022 (UTC). For the voting round, users who hold $UART or $WETH can vote for their favorite KAKA Rabbit through staking and making a profit from it. After the voting period is over, it will move to the auction period.

Part Six: KAKA Rabbit Mutant Series Limited Release on the Binance NFT Marketplace

KAKA has released 10 KAKA Rabbit Mutant Series with the issue price of 399 BUSD on the Binance NFT marketplace. These NFTs sold out shortly, and the highest listed price for this series is 6,100 BUSD.

About KAKA NFT World

KAKA NFT WORLD is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on the Metaverse blockchain gaming sector. It is committed to combining the application of NFT+DEFI in the ecosystem, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization, integrating various IPs of global brands, and creating Decentralized Autonomous Management (DAO). It aims to create a prediction agreement perpendicular to the e-sports prediction market, and an open, transparent, decentralized, and complete project for the ecosystem. The main sectors are divided into the two following categories: providing services such as R&D, sales, trading, circulation, e-sports, and trendy games for game and art NFTs; focusing on the prediction market in the field of e-sports (Prediction Market).

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