Weekly Update 12/27/2021–1/2/2022

Part One: KAKA Launched Metaverse Alchemy Society

  1. The minting costs are less than or equal to the House of Alchemy.
  2. Part of the capital pool of the Metaverse Alchemy Society comes from the minting fee consumed by Metaverse Alchemy Society NFT holders, and the other part comes from the donations from KAKA’s partners or teams.
  3. Users can exchange their new Alchemy Society series NFT to obtain USDT assets in the Alchemy Society. The received exchanged USDT is 120% of the real-time equivalent value of the NFT minting fee.
  4. Users can share the serial number of the Alchemy Society series NFTs they hold to others. When one mint the Alchemy Society NFTs with the series number, both the recommender and the referee can get 10% of the NFT minting fee as rewards.

Part Two: Troland Game Leaderboard Announcement

Reward Content

Part Three: The 2nd Round of Chosen One Event Will be Launch

Part Four: Airdrop Distribution Results

Gleam Campaign airdrop result

KAKA x Bitkeep airdrop results

Part Five: KAKA Rabbit Hacker Series Limited Release on the Binance NFT Marketplace

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